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  The name of the organization shall be Shavers Fork Coalition and hereafter referred to as SFC and
these bylaws are set forth as the governing authority of SFC.

I.     Purpose
II.    Membership
III.   Board of Directors  
IV.  Meetings of the Board of Directors
V.   Officers  
VI.  Committees  
VII. Powers and Duties
VIII.Bylaw Amendments
IX.  Dissolution



Several views of Shavers Fork   (click for larger photo)



Photo The Nature Conservancy

from Tunnel Mountain

Shavers Fork from Tunnel Mountain 

river image

Photo The Nature Conservancy




Shavers Fork Coalition
P.O. Box 2777
Elkins, WV 26241
(304)-636 4736
FAX: (304)-636 4736


Updated 1/22/15