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Article III. Board of Directors           

1. The management and control of SFC, its operations, business, and affairs shall be vested in a board of directors consisting of at least 9 members, 4 of which shall have their terms of office outlined herein.

A. Each, of the four positions shall be designated as follows:
1. A representative of the agricultural community.
2. A representative of the environmental community.
3. A representative of the recreation/tourism community.
4. A representative of the WV Landowners Assn.
B. Each position shall have a designated term of two years.
C. All terms will begin after the first quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors, following election. These members will be nominated and appointed by the representatives members-elect and the existing designated Board members.
These designations are made to assure equal representation of watershed interests and are subject to change as determined by the Board.

In addition to the aforementioned members, SFC shall have at least other members of the board elected from the general membership. Term of office shall be one year following election. These board members will also be elected as officers at the general membership meeting.

2. Vacancies

Vacancies on the board shall exist in the death, resignation or removal of any member or whenever the number of members authorized is increased. The resignation of a member shall take effect upon receipt of the resignation or the date specified therein.
A vacancy shall also be declared to exist if a board member is absent from two quarterly meetings unless evidence of a reasonable excuse is presented to and accepted by the board.
All vacancies shall be filled within thirty days, of occurrence, as the Board deems advisable.

3. Compensation

Since board membership is entirely voluntary, there will be no compensation considered. However, each member shall be reimbursed for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the discharge of their duties as a member. All such expenses must have prior approval.

4. Advisory Board

     In order to promote cooperation among watershed interests and government agencies there shall exist an advisory board made up of government agencies and political entities relevant to Shavers Fork watershed issues.
A. This board shall be elected by the members of the board and shall not. be more than 8 individuals.
B. The purpose of the advisory board is to act as liaison between the SFC and the representative agency. The advisory board should make recommendations to the Board of Directors, be available for special sessions and attend at least one quarterly Board meeting per year.

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