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Article I- Purpose:

The mission or purpose of this organization shall be an association of watershed interests working together to promote and care for the unique qualities, of the Shavers Fork for the purpose of improving the region's quality of life, as set forth in the following:

1. To conduct research and investigations, and to educate the public, with respect to measures which may be available to preserve the natural appeal, cultural heritage and ecological integrity of the lands, and the waterways within the Shavers Fork watershed.

2. To further public awareness of the outstanding natural, scenic, historic, and recreational values of the lands and waterways within the Shavers Fork Watershed and their related ecosystems.

3. To carry out research and disseminate to the public information regarding the national and regional significance of the entire Cheat River watershed as fish and wildlife habitat, unique regional culture and as a resource for outdoor recreation activities.

4. To develop, through programs of public education, a greater appreciation for the importance of an ecologically healthy watershed for the cultural and economic sustainability of the region and state.

5. To undertake programs to further public understanding of the ecology of the river ecosystem and to assist the public in decision-making regarding water-resource projects and land-use and their respective affect on those ecosystems.

6. To act as a clearinghouse for information, through publications, television, radio and film, as well as through direct meetings, regarding opportunities available, through private and governmental action, to protect and enhance management of water resources on the Shavers Fork watershed.

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