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Like any other non-profit organization we rely upon the dedication of membership support. Without the help of those that care about the Shaver's Fork of the Cheat River we would not exist. We hope your interest in a more beautiful West Virginia will help to get you involved.

You will receive:
Regular newsletters, notice of the Annual Membership Meeting each July, and happenings of the Shavers Fork.  And most importantly the opportunity to be closely involved in an organization that is dedicated to a local resource.

$5 Student $10 Individual $15 Family Donation

Send to:
Shavers Fork Coalition
PO Box 2777
Elkins WV 26241
Please include your name and address (along with phone and email if available).

Phone: 304-637 7505 FAX: 304-637 7505


You can make a Difference

1) Get to know the river--EXPLORE
Find out where the river begins and ends. What type of landscape does it flow through? Who lives there? Where are the best "swimming holes"?

2) Find information about the river.
Ask to be put on the SFC mailing list, or contact local conservation agencies and the forest representatives. Read up on rivers at the local library. Attend seminars and meetings that deal with water resource issues.

3) Start stream monitoring.
What lives in your stream? What is the water quality? Programs such as the Isaac Walton League's Save Our Streams can offer technical assistance. Contact your local Department of Natural Resources for monitoring information. Or contact one of our Board members.

4) Inform friends and neighbors.
Inform them about the local, regional, and national significance of the Shavers Fork.

5) Help support the efforts of the Shavers Fork Coalition.
Make tax-deductible contributions, help with volunteer efforts or attend meetings.

6) Become a member.


A few views of Shavers Fork 
Click photo for larger view


Greenbrier Junction

Greenbrier Junction above Bemis

photo by Zach Henderson


Starry False Solomon's-seal

Photo The Nature Conservancy

above High Falls

Above High Falls

photo by Mark Tracy


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Shavers Fork Coalition
P.O. Box 2777
Elkins, WV 26241
(304)-637 7505
FAX: (304)-637 7505


Updated 7/14/15