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Article II- Membership      

1. Membership, for individuals or groups, in the SFC for one year will be granted upon written application and payment of dues in the amount established by the Board of Directors.

2. Duties of the membership of the SFC will include election of representative Board members, approval of yearly plan and other actions deemed advisable by the Board.

3. An annual meeting of the members will be held in July of each year. Special meetings of the members may be called by the Chairperson or by a majority vote of the members.

4. The quorum of a membership meeting will be at least 5 people attending. At least half of the voting membership must consist of watershed residents.

5. Notice of meetings of the membership must be sent to each member and must be mailed or delivered at least 15 days prior to the day such a meeting will be held.

6. Membership meetings will be chaired by the current Chairperson of the Board.

7. Members may vote by proxy at any meeting of the members.

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